It’s Tuesday… You know what that means!

That’s right, it’s time for your weekly Tuesday Tip.  Here it is!  To all my non-knitterly friends, sorry… You’ll get one you can understand next week.

Always make sure you fully understand the instructions for knitting a short-row heel before you begin said heel shaping.  I’ve just realized (two pairs of socks later) that I’ve been doing it wrong, and my heels end up lopsided somehow.  It’s not a problem in the long run, really, but they’re not the prettiest socks in the universe.  This is a good tutorial on how to properly execute a pretty short-row heel.

And now, back to knitting and waiting for The Voice to come on TV!


About medusadari

I'm a dreamer and a wisher. Give me something to hope for, and baby, I'm golden.
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